Poster Presentation

Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices Towards COVID-19 Among Pediatric Residents in NYC

Jeremy V. Jovellanos MD, Saikat Goswami MBBS, Rohan Gulati BS,

Lily Q. Lew MD, Kelly Cervellione MPhil, Won H. Baik-Han MD

Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices on COVID-19 Prevention of Mothers with Infants Aged 0-6 Months in a Multiethnic Community Hospital

Ai Itoku MD, Jimikumar Patel MD, Kashif Iqbal MBBS, Isaura Molina Stornelli MD, Maria Celeste Ruiz Holgado MD, Nayibeth Tallaj MD, Lily Q Lew MD, Ashley Hiza MD

Prenatal Risk Factors and Hyperlipidemia in Children in Two Urban Multiethnic Community Hospitals

Uzoego Chibuzo MBBS, Saikat Goswami MBBS, Priya Mallikarjuna MD,

Jeremy Jovellanos MD, Joseph Schwob BS, Lily Q. Lew MD, Lourdes Cohen MD, Jeffrey Kern MD

Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of HIV Screening Among Youth in Two Urban Multiethnic Community Hospital

Roman Babayev MD, Tania Florimon MD, Gianna Suyunova MD,

Lily Q Lew MD, Esra Fakioglu MD, Won H. Baik-Han MD,

Shirley Pinero MD, Patricia Burris-Warmoth MD 

Awareness and Early Screening of Postpartum Depression in Multiethnic Parents in an Urban Community Hospital

Pablo Strauch MD, Grace Hidalgo MD, Ai Itoku MD, Kinga Zgutka MD, Ashley Hiza MD,

Lily Q Lew MD, Shirley Pinero-Bernardo MD

Intravenous Fluid Management in Children with Bronchiolitis on High Flow Nasal Cannula

Daniel Nigri MD, Denise H Moreira MD, Lily Q Lew MD, Partha Chatterjee MD,

Won Baik Han MD, Shirley Pinero-Bernardo MD, Gagan Gulati MD

Health Literacy and Parental Perception of Childhood Obesity in an Urban Multiethnic Community

Ana Menendez MD, Grace Hidalgo MD, Kelly Cervellione MPhil, Kashif Iqubal MD,

Lily Q Lew MD

Leukocytosis in Newborns with Isoimmunization

Kashif Iqubal MD, Rhythm MD, Jimikumar Patel MBBS, Vivian Chang MD,

Michael Furlong MD, Lily Q Lew MD, Lourdes Cohen MD, Kaninghat Prasanth MD

Challenges of Appropriate Vancomycin Dosing in Children

Kashif Iqubal MD, JimiKumar Patel MD, Ai Itoku MD,  Ruchi Gupta Mahajan MD,

Isaura Molina Stornelli MD, Ana Menendez MD, Lily Q Lew MD, Kelly Cervellione MPhil, 

Dakshayani R Guttal MD, Esra Fakioglu MD