Poster Presentation

Thyroid Function Tests in Term Newborns with Maternal Dysfunction

Johana Gimenez MD, Rhythm MD, Michael Furlong MD, Lourdes Cohen MD, Lily Q Lew MD

Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of EpiPen® Use in Parents of Children with Food Allergy in an Urban Multiethnic Community

Ezra Dweck MD, Jeremy Jovellanos MD, Freddy C Solano MD, Jeffrey Manzano MD,

Ashley Hiza MD, Gagan Gulati MD, Lily Q Lew MD, Won H Baik-Han MD  

Association Between Parenteral Nutrition Osmolality and Morbidities in Preterm Neonates

Hicham Dabaja MD, Ana Menendez MD, Lily Q. Lew MD, Shirley Pinero-Bernando MD,

Daniel Nigri MD, Michael Furlong MD, Lourdes Cohen MD

The COVID19 Experience: Preliminary Results in 1651 Patients at Two Multi-Ethnic Community Hospitals in NYC

J. Shakil, F. Bagheri, J. Robitsek, V. Zafonte, D. M. Wisa, M. Walczyszyn, K. Gafoor, A. Solinas, R. Mendelson